Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Love Note Easter Eggs & Baby Feet Bunny Painting

Since Easter is just around the corner I figured I would share with you guys what I did last Easter for my husband. Last Easter was our first Easter with our baby girl. We attended a helicopter egg drop in our community were she got to meet the Easter Bunny and pet animals at the petting zoo. She was only 4 months old so didn't have any idea what was going on but hey we tried.

We then traveled to our families house to spend time with them but before we left I was able to hide eggs in our apartment for my husband to find when we got home Easter Sunday and surprisingly he didn't see any of them before we left so I succeeded at surprising him. I must of hid them pretty good lol.


The love note Easter eggs are very easy to make and cheap if you are on a budget. The most expensive thing is the candy and you don't even have to include the candy if you don't want to. The hardest part for me was coming up with and finding cute Easter related sayings to put in the eggs but lucky of you, you can just use my sayings1

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  • Plastic Eggs
  • Construction Paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Candy

How To:

  1. Write Easter sayings and love notes on the construction paper. (list of sayings is below)
  2. Cut out the sayings.
  3. Fill the eggs with the sayings and his/her favorite candy.
  4. Hide the eggs in harder spots. Don't make it to easy, it's more fun to watch him search for them.


Love Note Easter Eggs
-You're egg-stra hot!
-No bunny is as sexy as you
-You are my favorite peep
-You crack this chick up!
-Hoppy Easter
-You're such a funny bunny
-You egg-cite me!
-Tulips are better than one
-Some-bunny loves you!
-You're eggs'tra cute today!
-Your kisses are to dye for
-You make me hoppy!
-I love no bunny but you
-The best things in life are sweet
-Another egg-scusse for chocolate
-You're sweeter than Jelly Beans
-Have you bean naughty or nice?
-I'm so hoppy to have you in my life!
-Our love is brighter than 24 Carrots
-Everyone needs a friend who's all ears
-You're egg-streamely important to me!
-All work and no play can make anyone a basket case. Come relax with me!
-You're an egg-stremely great father to (name) and fiancé/husband to me!
-I would hop to the end of the world to be with you!
-Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits
-You're not just some-bunny, you're my bunny


I also made this cute bunny painting using my 4 month old's feet and hid it between the cereal boxes for my husband to find. All you have to do is paint your baby's feet and then put it on paper (I used the thick card stock paper so it wouldn't bleed through). I then took a paint brush and painted the circles for the bunny's body. I placed the paint brush in my baby's hand and helped her move it around filling in the body and head. Once it dried I added the face and "Hoppy Easter Dad!"

easter bunny child craft, baby feet craft, easter bunny painting
Bunny Painting using my daughter's feet

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