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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This is Part 1 of my Pregnancy Announcement Ideas, you can check out Part 2 here!

Fun Fact: Elephants are pregnant for 22 months!

I am due in March with baby #2 and by the time he comes out I would of been pregnant for the last 2 years; aside from the 6 months between the two pregnancies, but 6 months isn't enough time for the body to fully heal... thus making me feel pregnant for the last 2 years. So basically I'm an elephant or at least feel like one lol

For my first pregnancy we waited to announce it to social media until I was almost 20 weeks. We announced it by making the following two pictures our profile and cover pictures on Facebook.

Expected to Pop, Pregnancy Announcement Ideas, balloon baby announcement

I wrote "Expected to Pop" and "December 2013" on two balloons I had already blown up and tied and acted like we were blowing them up for the pictures. The balloons are pink and blue because we didn't know the sex of the baby at the time.

Baby Shoes, Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The shoe picture was our cover photo minus the Coming Dec. 2013 since we had the month in the previous photo. The red converse we used use to be my husbands baby shoes plus were the only baby shoes we had access to at the time. Reds neutral Right????

Hershey Bars, He or She, Gender revealWe found out the sex of Baby #1 but wanted to have a Gender Reveal Baby Shower so we would get things we actually needed instead of a bunch of clothes. The "He or She What's it going to be?" picture was used on our invitation postcards to our baby shower where we revealed the sex of Baby #1 by cutting into a "Waddle It Be?" cake. We revealed the sex of Baby #1 to our social media friends with the big Hershey bar with the "SHE" colored in.

Hershey Bar, Pregnancy Announcement Ideas, gender reveal

My husband's parents waited till birth to find out the sex of their baby. When he was born, his father handed out hershey bars with everything covered but the "HE" on them to announce the sex of their newborn baby boy. My husband lost his father when he was a child so we decided to adapt the idea and announce the sex of our first baby using hershey bars in remembrance of his father.

For my second pregnancy, I made a "BIG Sister" onesie for my 7 month old daughter and took a picture of her holding our first ultrasounds. I never posted the picture until now thou... oops... but we had my daughter in the onesie when our immediate family came to help us move and patiently waited until somebody noticed what it said.

(Onesie: Hobby Lobby onesie 30% off and Big Sister Iron on with 40% off coupon = approximately $5)

In October we announced to the rest of our family and social media that we were due with Baby #2 by posting a picture of all of us holding pumpkins with the saying "We're adding a little pumpkin to our patch!" with the due date.
Pumpkins, Pregnancy Announcement Idea, adding a pumpkin to our patch

We found out the sex of Baby #2, met up with our mothers and sprayed them both with blue silly string to announce we were having a boy. Later that evening we went home and sprayed each other with the blue silly string; I made a mini collage and posted it to social media to reveal we were having a boy! I would probably try the silly string on black shirts instead of white so it will show up better.

Silly String, Pregnancy Announcement Ideas, Gender Reveal IdeaSilly String, Pregnancy Announcement Ideas, Gender Reveal Idea

Hopefully theses pregnancy announcement and gender reveal ideas help you when deciding how you want to announce your exciting news to your family, friends, and social media!!! 

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