Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Food Passport

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I came across the idea for the Food Passport on Pinterest a couple years ago but was waiting to see where my husband and I would settle down at before I decided to made it.  We bought a house August 2014 and our county had several new and family owned restaurants so I couldn't wait to get started on this gift. I decided to give it to him as part of his Valentine's gift this year and since we are both always up for something new but never knowing where to go, it was the perfect gift.

How To:

  • I typed up a list of several restaurants in our county and surrounding areas that we have NEVER been to before along with the restaurants information (address, phone, and hours) into a word document.
  • I then downloaded the free printable from this BLOG and copy and pasted the restaurants and their information onto the template. I added an image to the top of each page to show the location of each restaurant, making it easier to narrow down our decision: do we want to drive 30 minutes or 5 minutes to eat?
  • I created a Passport Identification page to make the Food Passport idea more realistic along with a direction page (see below for directions).
Food Passport, gifts for him, DIY gift, DIY, gift, homemade gift, Identification page, Valentine's Day gift, where do you want to eat, food gift, gift idea,

  • Print out the pages front and back then cut them in half.
  • Cut construction paper to size for your passport's cover.
  • Put them in the order you want with the construction paper on top and staple it in the middle. Fold in half to create your passport.

My Direction Page:
The object of the Food Passport is to travel to new and different restaurants in your area/surrounding counties. It is suppose to help eliminate the question, "Were do you want to eat?" by introducing new locations. Once you have eaten at a new location you get a "stamp" in your passport: DATE IT, RATE IT, AND LEAVE A NOTE! The goal is to eat at all the restaurants in your passport. There are a few blank pages if you would like to add your own. Happy Eating!

The Food Passport was pretty easy to make and there are several different ways you can make it. You can write the restaurants in a cute little notebook or type them up and print them like I decide to do. Make it your own like I tried to do!

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