Monday, April 6, 2015

The Martini Family Easter Festivities 2015

Happy Day after Easter!!!

I wanted to post yesterday but I was busy spending time with my family so I'm posting today. This was our first Easter as a married couple so I decided to make my husband go on a beer hunt (Easter Beer Hunt tutorial). It was also our first Easter with my son and my daughter's second Easter but the first one she was able to participate in Easter festivities. We tried last year but she was just learning how to sit so didn't really work out lol I wasn't able to find an Easter Bunny to take their pictures with this year but they are usually creepy looking so its okay, I'll try again next year but the Easter Bunny did pay us a visit and my daughter loved it!

Easter Baskets
My Family, Easter 2015

We woke up Easter morning and I dressed my babies in their Easter onesies: Miss Nobunny's cuter than me and Mr. I have chicks all over me. I have to say they are pretty adorable babies.

We then gave my daughter a basket and showed her what to do. She had a blast and found all of the eggs the Easter bunny hid. She actually did a better job at finding the eggs than her daddy did at finding his.

When my daughter saw her Easter Basket she went straight for the Gerber snacks and brought them to me. She also took her brothers Gerber puffs thinking they were hers.  Our little girl loves her food.

Toddler east basket ideas

My daughter's Easter Basket Consisted of:

  • Easter Onesie
  • Gerber Banana Cookies and Gerber Yogurt Melts
  • Summer Hat
  • Magnet Alphabet Letters
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • A Bunny Chair my husband picked out
My son got an Easter Onesie and Gerber Puffs that we will save until he is old enough to eat them since he is only 4 weeks old and my husband and I both got our favorite Easter Candies.

Daddy trying on Lexi's new hat
Logan with his gift

Later that day we decided to grill out. My husband grilled some chicken pineapple bacon kebabs, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, broccoli, and made strawberry blondies which tasted more like strawberry cake with white chocolate, but it was still good. While he was grilling my daughter went on another Easter egg hunt only outside this time and then we attempted to use the side walk chalk the Easter Bunny brought her until she decided to try to eat it... Overall we had a really nice Easter!

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