Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Beer Hunt

This was our first Easter as Mr. and Mrs. so I decided to send my husband on an Easter Beer Hunt. This was really easy to make and I had a blast watching him try to find the beers.  Lets just say my one year old did a better job finding her eggs; I ended up having to give him a few hints.

Man Easter Basket, Beer, beer hunt, easter gift for him

How To:

  1. First you need to buy a 6 pack of beer.  I went to Kroger and made my own variety pack.
  2. Then I created 6 Easter eggs with sayings on them and printed them out along with an Easter basket, his name, and directions. 
  3. I cut out the eggs, hole punched them and tied them to the beer bottles.
  4. I glued the basket, his name, and directions to the beer box for some decoration. 
  5. I placed the beer box in my husbands chair and hid the beers around the house for him to find Easter morning.
*I was short on time so I made it all on the computer but you can use construction paper and markers and make it your own or come up with different Easter sayings to match whatever beer you end up getting.

Beer Gift, Man Easter Basket, Beer, beer hunt, easter gift for him

Egg Sayings:

  • A way to wet your WHISKERS!
  • It will take the SPRING from your step and replace it with a HOP!
  • Sit back, Relax, and enjoy this Easter treat!
  • Hoppy Easter
  • Pale Ale for my EGG-stra favorite male!
  • Brewed with lots of hugs and kisses just for you!


Here is your Easter Basket for today. I have hidden 6 beers around the house for you to find. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

I also hid a basket full of my husband's favorite Easter candies that he found while searching for his beers. My husband loved it and it ends up he had only tried one of the six beers so I'm hoping they taste good.  Try to hide the beers in difficult places to make it more exciting for both your husband and you, after all he's old enough to drink so he doesn't need them hidden in plain sight. Let me know how your man likes this idea down below! Happy Easter!

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