Monday, April 13, 2015

March Madness Date

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So the craziness of March Madness just came to an end and the winner was Duke so congratulations to whoever called that one!!! Since I live in Kentucky I decided to join almost everybody else and chose UK vs. Duke in the NCAA championship with UK winning, but as you all know UK lost in the final four. I even said when I was making my bracket that I didn't think UK was going to win so I should of listened to that little voice in my head but oh well, at least I didn't have money on it, but I did have a home cooked dinner on it!

Before the NCAA games started, my husband printed off two brackets and gave me one. He told me to fill it out and the loser makes the winner a dinner and dessert of their choice. I was like ok, why not. It sounded like fun and it was something my husband came up with so I was game. I knew nothing about any of the teams other than UK hadn't lost a game yet so I based my bracket off the teams win to loose ratio not knowing the other numbers were their projected win order. We were pretty close point wise but I had Duke going to the playoffs so I ended up winning 111 to 108 once we added up all our points so now my husband gets to cook me a dinner and dessert of my choice!!!  My husband usually cooks dinner for us though so I think he was planning on me losing the bet but oh well he just said to pick something difficult because he's up for a challenge. (I'm still deciding on what I want, typical woman I know lol)

So basically the March Madness Date is really easy and cheap if you are on a budget. It also allows you and your significant other to spend some quality time with each other since there are a TON of basketball games to watch. We didn't watch them all but several of them were up on the TV while we were busy doing other things.  

-Print off two brackets
-Fill out the brackets
-Keep track of the winning teams (Our point system: First Four 1 pt, Second Round 2pts, Third Round 3pts, Sweet 16 - 4pts, Elite Eight 5pts, Final Four 6pts, and Championship 7pts)
-Loser cooks the winner a dinner and dessert of their choice or whatever else you want to bet on

So next time March Madness comes around keep this date in mind!!!

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