Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Father's Day Gift: Hooked on You

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So since Father's Day is just around the corner I thought I would share with you what I gave my husband last Father's Day for his first official Father's Day. This year we have two kids and I'm planning on getting him or making him something small just haven't fully decided what, but anyways last year I had planned on giving him a fishing pole, tackle box, candy tackle box and some art work my daughter and I made for him but didn't quite get to get it all because a week before Father's Day my husband kept talking about wanting to go fishing.  We decided that we were going to go fishing because it was a beautiful day so I gave him the tackle box with fishing supplies in it early so we didn't have to spend more money on supplies when I already had a bunch hidden in the closet and we made a trip to Walmart to buy some fishing poles because I hadn't gotten that far yet.  So he got part of his Father's Day gift a week early and the rest on that Sunday but it all worked out. We really need to stop thinking alike lol

Fish hand prints, fathers day gift, hooked on you, fathers day, fishing gift, kids handprint gift, handprint fish, baby father's day gift, father's day handprint gift, easy father's day gift, DIY father's day gift, For the art work, I traced my daughter and my hands onto construction paper and cut them out. I created an underwater scene using blue for the water and green for the moss/sea weed/ bottom of the lake. Using a glue stick, I glued the hands on and drew faces on them. I made little hooks using yellow paper to go with the saying "We're Hooked on you!"

Candy Tackle Box, gift for him, fathers day gift, fishing gift, fishing candy, candy tackle box,  fishing candy tackle boxFor the candy tackle box, I bought a clear tackle box at Walmart for close to $5. (They have clear ones in the arts and crafts section meant for organizing beads for about $2 but they don't lock shut.) I filled it with candy related to fishing and labeled it with what the candy resembled.

Here is a list of the candy I used and what I labeled them:
- Reese's Pieces - Weights
- Cherry Sours - Bobbers
- Gummy Worms - Bait
- Swedish Fish - Bait
- Gummy Sharks - Lures

I wish I had a better picture of the candy tackle box, but I didn't have this blog when I made this gift... Sorry...

Other Options for the Candy Tackle Box: You can use the puff paint and actually write the labels on the tackle box along with the saying We're/I'm hooked on you but I wanted my husband to be able to use the tackle box for whatever he wanted so I didn't. You can also use any kind of candy that you want and come up with your own labels. Some other examples could be gold fish as bait, pretzel sticks as rods, twirlers as rods, gummy frogs and octopus as lures, etc... Be creative and use candy your husband likes!!!

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