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Gender Reveal Baby Shower: Waddle It Be?

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When I was pregnant with my first child we decided to have a gender reveal baby shower when I was almost seven months pregnant (October 6, 2013). We had it early for several reasons but the main ones being that all my siblings birthdays and holidays were coming up so we didn't want to interfere with them, oh yea and everybody was dying to find out the sex of the baby. My mom threw the baby shower for us but I pretty much planned and designed everything and told her what I wanted and she took care of the rest.

I had been to several Baby Showers where all the parents got was clothing because everybody loves to buy baby clothing so being a young couple, first time parents and my husband (then fiancĂ©) still in college we decided to have a gender reveal baby shower. This way we would actually get things we needed like a car seat, stroller, bath supplies, swing, etc... instead of just clothing. Since we found out the sex ahead of time, we had been buying clothing on sale and at consignments shops (church consignments, $5 bag sale, Once Upon a Child) for cheap. But anyways back to the baby shower... Our main theme for the Baby Shower was Waddle It Be?; we also used Hershey Bars and a "Ready to Pop" section to go with one of our Pregnancy Announcement pictures.

As people arrived we had several things for them to participate in if they chose to:

- Clothespin Game: Please grab a clothes pin and if you hear someone say BABY then snatch up their clothespin and the one with the most at the end wins!

Guess how many Jelly Beans are in the baby bottle, closest guess wins the bottle of jelly beans!

Funny Diapers, late night diapers, baby shower ideas
Words for the Wee hours / Late night diapers: Grab a diaper and write a word of encouragement or something to make them chuckle on the booty  to help take their mind off the doody.

- "Take a Quack at it" board where people guessed if they thought it was a boy or a girl.

Guest Book: sign the big Rubber Ducky

Baby Shower
- Leave your Address on an Envelope; this way we have everybody who attended the baby shower's address available to make it easier to send out thank you notes.

- Baby BINGO: I had blank bingo boards at every seat for the guest to fill in with items they think the mom-to-be will receive. I put a list of items we registered for just incase they needed help thinking of things. As we opened our gifts they would cross off the item if it was on their Bingo sheet. The first one to get five in a row wins!

***PRIZES where given at the end of the baby shower. Since a little boy won Bingo, we gave him the giant Hershey bar we used to reveal the gender on social media. The other prizes where Sweat Pea hand soaps with the saying "Thank you for celebrating the Mother-to-be and her little Sweat Pea!"

Gift Table, Cake Table and Decorations

The decorations consisted of:
- Pink and Blue table clothes on every table
- Pink and Blue streamers
- Pink and Blue Balloons
- Rubber Ducks on food table and cake
- Hanging duck decorations
- A poster of my husband and I as kids with all our baby information (height, weight, time) on it.

Baby Shower, duck theme baby shower, duck centerpieces
Table Centerpieces
Cake Table:
- Cake
- Rubber Ducks
- Sign that said: "He or She Waddle It Be?"

Table Centerpieces:
  - Baby girl and boy ducks floating in water with
 blue food coloring in it
  - Table confetti that consisted of yellow ducks, umbrellas, and pink dots

The Cake:

Since we were having a Gender Reveal Baby Shower we used the cake to reveal the sex of baby tini. We cut into the top square of the cake to reveal strawberry cake and announced we were pregnant with a little girl, Lexi Rae, due to join us Christmas Eve 2013.

Waddle It Be, Duck Cake, gender reveal cake, baby shower

A former teacher of mine baked and decorated our cake. I sketched a few pictures of what I wanted and she did the rest, making it come to life. I wanted the cake to represent rubber duckies in a bath tub, hence all the bubbles, with our theme on it, "He or She... Waddle it be?". I was very pleased with how the cake turned out. She also baked another small cake and wrote Congratulations on it!

The Food:
Baby Shower food, Ready to Pop food section, Expected to Pop food ideas
We wanted a bunch of finger foods that went with the themes of our baby shower and here is what we came up with:                                                            

A "Ready to Pop" section to go with the picture we used to announce our pregnancy. Everything in this section had to do with the word POP. We had pop rocks, blow pops, tootsie pops, bubble gum, and a popcorn mixture that has always been a hit at our parties.
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The Ducky Food section consisted of a bunch of finger foods. These foods include:
  • Gold Fish
  • Chips and Dip
  • Nuts
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Salami Rolls
  • Cheese Puffs

The Chocolate section:

- We colored in the He and She on  Hershey bars to go with the and used a giant Hershey bar to reveal the gender of our baby on social media.

- We also had pink and blue chocolate covered pretzel sticks.

- My mom made a bunch of chocolates the night before in the shapes of baby bottles, ducks, bears and ones that said boy and girl on them. They turned out pretty cute and matched perfect.

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The Punch: 

We made pink and blue punch using pink and blue cool aid, 7-Up and pink and yellow sherbet for our beverages. We put rubber ducks in the punch bowls to make it look like they were swimming.

Duck Baby Shower, duck punch, blue and pink punch

Our Waddle It Be? baby shower/gender reveal party turned out to be pretty cute.  Everything came together perfectly and we were blessed with several gifts and people.

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