Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day Gift: Lottery Tickets

Father's Day is Sunday and if you are running short on time or forgot, I have the perfect gift for you.  We bought an expensive tool set a few weeks ago so decided that would be my husband's Father's Day gift this year but anyone who knows me knows that I would feel awful if I didn't have something to give my husband on Father's Day so I made him something small that I know he is going to love not only because we have a running joke about how he is going to win the lottery and we will become millionaires and I always say you have to buy a ticket first honey... but our daughter had a part in making it. So here it is:

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All you need is a poster board, markers, some lottery tickets and tape. 

I grabbed a poster board we had sitting around and let my one and a half year old color on it. Some how she managed to miss the poster though and color all over the door and bookcase... oops 

I then wrote "We are LUCKY to have a DAD like you! Happy Father's Day , we love you!" on the poster board. I recommend writing this before your child colors on the poster board because the crayon wax acts as a coat and makes it harder for the marker to soak into the paper.

Next I put a small piece of tape on the back of the lottery tickets and taped them to the poster board spelling out DAD. I used ten(10) $1 lottery tickets and two(2) $2 tickets but you can use whatever you'd like. I had originally planned on using four $1 tickets to make the D's but the left over ticket didn't make a pretty A so I had to come up with something else. If you buy fourteen(14) $1 tickets you can make DAD in all caps.

Finally, you give it to your husband on Father's Day and hope that at least one of the tickets is a WINNER!!!! 

This gift is fast and easy to make for all you last minute gift givers. Make this gift your own and good luck! Happy Father's Day!

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