Friday, June 26, 2015

Unity Painting

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Our finished Unity Painting

My husband and I got married May 25, 2014. We had a beautiful outdoor wedding and made several of the decorations ourselves. Since I was younger I had always imagined I would do a sand unity on my wedding day. I had even pinned a few cute ideas such as pouring the sand into a shadow box with our initials and date on it or even a sand picture frame but when I got engaged and planning a wedding became a reality I wasn't set on the sand unity anymore because it seemed like everybody was doing it and I didn't want to follow the in crowd, I wanted something different so thats when I came up with this fun Unity Painting instead. 

Unity Painting
Gray represents the foundation that built us.

You will need a canvas any size you want, something to hold/display the canvas, three different colors of paint, and a few paint brushes; that is if you are adding the parents to your unity painting. Optional: a monogram letter of your last name.

Since our mothers have been the main people in our life, we had our mothers paint a few gray lines on the blank canvas at the beginning of our wedding before they were seated. These lines represent the foundation that built my husband and I

When it came time for the unity part of our ceremony, we played the song “Something New” by Tom Fletcher. This is a beautiful song that is about how you are ready for something new, basically the next step in life, which in my case was marriage.

Wedding Unity Painting

Once the song had started we had the preacher read Matthew 19:6 - "Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate." We then proceed to the canvas to do our unity painting. Both my husband and I picked up our bottles of paint. He had blue and I had purple. We then stood behind the canvas and squeezed the paint out onto the canvas, mixing our colors as we went and letting them run down the canvas and dry. The blue and purple paint can never be separated just as our love for each other.
Wedding Unity, Unity Painting
Before, During, and After of the Unity Painting

Once it dried and we got back from our mini honeymoon, we hung it in our living room for anyone that visits to see. We later painted a monogram M (to represent our last name) white and hot glued it to our painting to make it complete. The Unity Painting is very unique, after all it cannot be duplicated because it will alway dry different and it is a great symbolization of the bound of marriage; "Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate." - Matthew 19:6. We loved doing this for our unity, and no, I didn't get any paint on my dress!

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