Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Monster Theme Classroom Ideas

* I found out that one of my Monster Classroom Ideas has been featured on We Are Teachers: 14 Fabulous Classroom Themes!

It's August and you know what that means, schools everywhere are starting back and in honor of that I'm going to share with you guys how I helped decorate my husbands classroom this year. This is his second year working as a 4th and 5th grade Special Education teacher. Last year he had "The Hungry Caterpillar" theme and ocean but he had to move rooms this year and is now sharing rooms so he decided to change his theme. We narrowed it down to Monsters and Nemo. Since he teaches math and writing he chose monsters because we could make them into shapes to relate to math.

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We made the back bulletin board a combination of math and writing. This was a long, thin bulletin board so its hard to decorate without making it too cluttered. I made seven shape monsters using the main shapes - circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. We elaminated all the decorations so they would last longer and be able to be used again in the future if he changes themes. The blank pieces of red construction paper (school colors) have a clothes pin hot glued above them as a way for the students to display their work. We finished the bulletin board with the saying, "MONSTER-iffic Good Work!"

Here are a few other sayings for a Monster theme bulletin bored:

  • MONSTER-iffic Good Work!
  • (Grade you teach) is MONSTER-ous fun!
  • We're not SCARED of being Leaders
  • We're not SCARED of (Grade you teach)
  • We've got an EYE for Learning
  • Marvelous Mon-STARS
  • Our MONSTER-peices - show off student work
  • MONSTER Math

Here is a close up of the shape monsters. To make these you need colorful construction paper, scissors, a glue stick and a creative mind.

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I also made a monster for the room clock. Sorry the picture isn't that good because the lighting was reflecting off the elimination weird but it looks pretty good in person (maybe I can get a better picture and post it one day when I visit). 

This was my second attempt at a clock monster. The first one was green and looked to much like an alien so I wasn't really feeling it then my daughter ripped the arm off so I guess it was a sign to make a new clock monster. This monster is a big purple blob with two horns, three eyes and three teeth. His hands wrap around so it looks like he is holding the clock.

My husband originally used the emotion chart with the faces on it for his calming corner so I decided to create one to match his classroom theme. I created a little red monster and gave him different mouths to resemble the different emotions. The students point at what emotion they are feeling when they are stressed to help the teacher have a better understanding of what the student needs at that time. 

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I also used the little red monster to create numbers for the computers, name tags, binder covers and 7 habits posters.  The 7 habits posters are bigger,  I just made them small so they would all be in one image.  I may eventually make him a few more monster posters but I have to see what he wants first, after all it is his classroom not mine! 



Below are a couple decorations from my son's Monster Birthday Party.  I made these cute Paper Wall Monsters to put up for the party and after the party I sent them to school with my husband incase he wanted to use them to decorate his classroom with. The red monster matches the red monsters used in his classroom.

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Below are the Monster Tissue Boxes I also made for my son's Monster Birthday Party. I used the Monster Tissue Boxes to hold utensils, napkins and as table decorations for my son's party. After the party I sent them to school for my husband to use in his classroom. He is currently using them to store flash cards in for the students but they can also be used to store pencils, markers or school supplies in; an activity or monster themed game, Valentine's Day card Box, Halloween Decorations and much more!

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