Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shrinky Dink Keychains

When I was in middle school, we went on a field trip to a science museum and at the museum, our class got to make Skrinky Dinks. I remember sanding the plastic to make it rough then writing Angel on it with a halo in color pencil. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I recently got to share the same experience with my daughter. I had planned on making these keychains as Christmas gifts for everybody but saw that the Library had Skrinky Dinks as one of their arts and crafts days this summer and knew I had to take my daughter to it.

The Library supplied us with a page of the Shrinky Dink paper, coloring pencils, and several drawing pages for the kids to choose and trace onto the paper but since my daughter isn't even two yet and still can't grasp the concept of coloring in the lines (way to young),  I let her scribble all over the Shrinky Dink paper. Once she was done I cut the paper into four squares and rounded the edges. I then wrote "I love Mommy" and "I love Daddy" on them and put them in the oven. When they started shrinking my daughter pointed at them and started doing her excited dance, it was to cute. I think she did a pretty good job coloring and I love how they turned out. Shrinky Dinks are fun and very easy to make, plus they make great gifts for relatives and the kids love them!


  • Shrinky Dink Paper - this runs about $6 for 10 sheets
  • OR #6 clear plastic - this is the clear plastic lids on carry out containers
  • Coloring Pencils
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors 
  • Pan lined with foil or parchment paper
  • Oven
  • Key Ring 
  • OPTIONAL - Drawing Pages: you can print these out or use a coloring book. This helps children create their favorite characters and objects by tracing them.

How To:

1. Let your little one color the Shrinky Dink paper or #6 plastic however they choose. Make sure to use coloring pencils on the Shrinky Dink paper. If you are using #6 plastic try sanding one side to make it rougher before you draw on it. If not then you need to use sharpies.*

2. Once they are done drawing, you need to cut the objects out. Leave white space around the image and make sure there are no points because they will become sharp once they shrink. 
     -A piece of Shrinky Dink paper can make four of these keychains. 

3. Using a hole punch, make a couple holes close to each other to create a bigger hole. Do not just put one hole punch in it because it will be too small when it shrinks, also do not put it super close to the edge because it can cause it to break easier with a key ring in it.

4. Line a metal pan with foil or parchment paper then place it in the oven at 350˚ for about 2 minutes. The edges will roll up as it shrinks but it is ok as long as they don't stick to the other side. Once your images flattens back out you can remove it from the oven and let cool. 

5. Once your Shrinky Dink has cooled you can add your key ring. I used picture hanging wire to make a smaller ring so the key ring would attach easier but you don't have to do this. Clip it on your keys and enjoy!

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*If you are using #6 plastic it will most likely take less time to shrink so keep an eye on it. Also if you used sharpie on your #6 plastic you will most likely need to spray it with acrylic spray so the sharpie won't rub off. 
If you bought the Shrinky Dink paper packet from the store, follow the directions on it instead of mine, this is just what we did. If you don't want to make a keychain you can always just shrink it, or make them into jewelry or ornaments. Shrinky Dinks can be made into a lot of different things. I hope you enjoy making these as much as we did!!!

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