Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Color Pull Toy Tutorial

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Toys are expensive and if your kids are anything like mine they tend to play with boxes, gatorade bottles and rocks more then toys that we paid for so why spend money on a ton of toys that are just going to sit there and collect dust when you can make toys using supplies you probably have laying around your house. I recently made this Color Pull Toy out of things I had laying around and it's a big hit with my babies. My six month old loves it, he mainly hits it and chews on the fabric, and my daughter (almost 2) steals it from him all the time because she likes to pull the fabric, plus we are working on learning our colors so I will probably have to make another one so they both can have one and stop fighting over this one. 

Color Pull Toy

Difficulty: Easy

Development: Child learns gross motor skills by pulling the fabric back and forth. It also helps your child learn their colors by asking them to pull a specific color.

  • Duct Tape - I used white so the colors would stand our
  • 5-10 Different Color fabric strips OR Ribbon
  • Cardboard - I cut a 6x7 piece from a diaper box
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto Knife - Optional

How To:

1. First you need to cut out different color strips of fabric or ribbon about 8 inches long. I used 7 different colors.

2. Next you need to cut out a piece of cardboard if you haven't already. It can be in any shape you want. Make sure to make it big enough to fit all your fabric strips. My cardboard was 6x7.

3. Duct the sides of your cardboard. I cut a strip, placed half of it on the cardboard and folded it over to the other side.

4. Cover the rest of the cardboard with duct tape. I placed the duct tape at the edge and wrapped it around to the other side then cut it. I repeated wrapping it until it was all the way covered; 4 times.

5. I used an X-Acto Knife to poke holes in the cardboard. I then used the pointed side of the scissors to make the holes a little bigger. Poke the scissors thru the hole and twist a little. Do not make the holes too big or the fabric pieces won't stay and will pull all the way thru the cardboard.

6. Stick the fabric strips thru the holes and tie a double knot at both ends of the fabric. Make sure your knot is big enough to keep the fabric from pulling all the way thru the holes. I had to use scissors to help poke the fabric thru the holes.


Once all the fabric is thru the cardboard and has been tied you are finished and can let your little one play with it. You may have to show them how to pull the fabric back and forth. My daughter picked up on it super fast. This Color Pull Toy is super easy to make and I  was able to make it using things I had lying around my house. I hope your children enjoys playing with it as much as mine do!

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