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Personalized Tumbler

gift basket idea
Gift Basket
So my husband's Birthday is today and for his Birthday I made him a personalized Tumbler. No this is not the only gift I'm giving him... I bought him Insanity Beachbody Workout but he got that early so he could go ahead and use it. Since I gave him his main gift early, I decided I would get together some of his favorite things and put together a mini gift basket for his classroom minus the alcohol. This way he will have some snacks and drinks on hand if he ever gets hungry at work. 

My husband was talking about how he brought red solo cups to school to get the tea they provide since they no longer will be providing cups. Then he made a comment about how he thought about getting the school Tumbler if it wasn't so much money. I agreed that $15 for a tiny Tumbler that has the word Mustangs on it is kind of ridiculous so I decided I was going to try to make my own.  I spent a whole $1 on his personalized Tumbler and I'm hoping he likes it. I figured if he likes it and actually uses it then we can look into getting/making a nicer one eventually but if he doesn't use it then we didn't waste much.

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- Clear Plastic Tumbler: I bought this one at the Dollar Tree for a $1. I was looking for a red one because it is his school color but they were out. They were also out of clear and blue so I was stuck choosing from green and orange.

- Paint and thin paint brush: I used acrylic paint because I already had it but if you are buying paint, try to find something that is made to go on plastic. Use any color you prefer.

- Clear Gloss Spray: I used this to try to waterproof the paint so it won't come off when washed. Mod Podge should work too if you would prefer to use that.

-Pen & Paper OR Printer and Masking Tape

***Alternative: You can try using a paint pen to write on the Tumbler. This will be a lot easier but may not stand out as much. I would of but I didn't have one and couldn't find one when I looked.

How To:

1. First you need to wash your Tumbler to try to get all the oil off so the paint will stick better.  I hand washed mine and let it dry.

2. While the Tumbler is drying,  find a font you want to use. You can print this off, trace it or write your own.

3. Cut out your words and tape it to the inside of your Tumbler. This will show through because your Tumbler is clear. I used masking tape because it comes off easy and won't leave the inside sticky.

4. Paint over your letters and let dry. Make sure you paint a thick coat on and can't see the plastic through the paint. 

***Make sure your paint is thick and dry because if it isn't, the spray gloss will thin it and you will see the plastic through the paint. I made this mistake and had to apply a second layer of paint and gloss because parts of my M and A thinned.

tumbler, personalized cup, personalized tumbler, dollar store craft, gift idea, DIY Tumbler, teacher gift, personalized gift, easy gift, cheap gift, personalized cup, wedding party gift5. Once your paint is completely dry, take it outside and spray the paint with a thin layer of clear gloss or whatever you choose to waterproof it with and let dry 15-20 minutes (the time should be on the can)

***Make sure you hold the spray at least a foot away or it will be to heavy. I made this mistake at the top of mine and it doesn't come off.

6. Once everything dried, I hand washed my Tumbler again to make sure the paint would hold and it did. I don't know how long it will last but it works for now. I don't think the paint will withstand the heat from a dishwasher so I would continue to hand wash your Tumbler and I probably wouldn't scrub the paint super hard just incase.

I filled my Tumbler with some drink mix packets and put it in his gift basket. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. This Personalized Tumbler was very easy to do and only cost me $1 because I had the rest of the supplies at home. If I make more in the future I will probably use a paint pen instead of paint but it all worked out. My Tumbler is plain but I was making it for my husband and I don't think he would like a girly looking one. Let me know how your Personalized Tumblers turned out!!! 

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