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Pink Elephant Birthday Party

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My daughter's second Birthday is coming up this December so I figured I would share what we did for her first Birthday. When she was a baby, one of her favorite toys was Ellie the Elephant so we decided to throw her a Pink Elephant Birthday Party; Ellie is a pink taggie elephant incase you were wondering.  We invited the whole family down to celebrate her birthday/check out our new house the weekend before her birthday and we all had a good time and Lexi got tons of new toys and clothes. 

To save on money, I made everything for her birthday from the cake to the her outfit. You would be surprised at how much you can save from doing it yourself.

Birthday Outfit:
Pink Elephant Birthday Party, elephant birthday onesieI made a onesie with a 1 and elephant on it and a tutu for my daughter to wear. I bout all the supplies from Hobby Lobby. I bought a 12 month onesie but remember Hobby Lobby's onesies run a little small and shrink when washed so go with the bigger size. I drew a 1 and the elephant on paper and cut it out then traced it onto the fabric and cut the fabric out. I had my Grandma sew the 1 and the elephant onto the onesie because it was too small for my sewing machine to do. She informed me not to cut out the fabric until after we apply the stuff to make it stick to the shirt first though (I believe it is a sheet of fabric adhesive but may be wrong).
For the tutu I made a more simple version than I did for our wedding tutus. I bought pink ribbon, light pink tulle, and hot pink tulle for the tutu. I cut a strand of the ribbon long enough to wrap around my daughter's waist and make a bow. I then cut the tulle in 24" long strips and loosely looped them around the ribbon, rotating light and hot pink, until it went all the way around my daughters waist. I had originally planned to make a short tutu but somehow managed to make a floor length one. If you want a shot tutu I would probably but the tulle in 12" strips instead.

Toddler Birthday outfit, name block decoration
Name Blocks:
I thought it would be cute to have blocks with her name on it. I was going to put them by the door so everybody knew they were at the right location but decided to use balloons instead. I used the blocks for her one year photoshoot and as a decoration next to the gift table. They were easy to make and turned out pretty cute. To make these you will need enough boxes as their are letters in your child's name. We used bottle beer boxes for our boxes. The beer pictures showed through the pink paper so I taped a piece of computer paper on the side I was going to put letters on. I then wrapped the boxes in pink paper. My mom got this paper from her classroom but you can use wrapping paper or a cheap table cloth if you don't have access to the roll paper. I then drew and cut out letters on computer paper and glued them to the boxes.

Check out my tutorial on how to make the name blocks: Name Block Party Decoration Tutorial

High Chair Decorations:
highchair tutu, highchair decorFor the high chair I used the leftover tulle from the tutu and scrapbook paper. First you need to make the ONE Flags. Cut out three flags from your scrapbook paper and pock two holes at the top. Cut out the letters to spell out one and clue them onto the flags. String the string or yarn through them.  Next cut the tulle it into 15-20 inch strips and wrapped it around the string or yarn, evenly spreading it out around the flags. When you are finished you can hang it on the highchair. You may need to tape it to the front to get it to stay.

I hung streamers behind the highchair to cover the window and make for a cute backdrop for pictures. I rotated different shades of pink and tapped them to the window frame.

We also laid half of a pink table cloth under the highchair for an easy clean up for the smash cake.

Chalk Board Signs:
The three chalk board signs are leftover from our wedding. If you don't have any these are super easy to make. I bought three 8x10 frames from the Dollar Tree and removed the glass. Spray the back of the picture frame with chalkboard paint and let dry. I used the chalk boards to display fun facts about my daughter such as her favorite things, words she knows, how many teeth she has, etc...

"Watch Me Grow" Pictures and Elephants:
I made eight pink elephants out of construction paper to hang on the wall. I eliminated theses so we can use them in the future if needed. Four of them were hung by the highchair and the other four were hung above the food table. I also printed out a newborn picture and my daughters watch me grow photos and hung them above the food table. I taped the twelve photos to a piece of pink ribbon left over from making the tutu and tacked it to the wall.
Smash Cake, pink smash cake

Smash Cake:
I used a mini glass dish we had for the cake and used the leftovers to make cupcakes. I then decorated the cake with a bunch of icing in hopes of my daughter creating a huge mess but she ate the cake like a lady so I had to make the mess for her to get a cute picture

Check out my tutorial on how I made the Pink and White Smash Cake.

elephant party food Food Table:
- Chocolate and Strawberry Cupcakes
- Funfetti Cake Dip
- Animal Crackers
- Pink Chocolate Popcorn Mix
- Chocolate Pretzel Bites with Pink M&M's
- Circus Peanuts
- Pink Mints
- Cheese Balls
- Chocolate Fudge
- Pink Fruity Pebble Rice Crispy Treats (Poppin' Pebbles edition)
- Strawberry Wafers
- Pink Lemonade

After all the planning, crafting and decorating, my daughters first Birthday party was a success and it didn't break us. If you are on a budget and want to throw your child an awesome party then think of some cool DIY decorations to save on money and consider making your own Birthday/Smash cake. We spent probably a max of $50 on her party and I think it turned out pretty pink nice! Can't wait to start planning her second birthday party!

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