Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bridal Party Gift Ideas

My husband and I got married May 25, 2014. We gave our bridal party a gift when we asked them to be in our wedding and at our Rehearsal Dinner as a Thank you for being a part of our wedding. I don't have pictures of all the gifts, but I will describe what we did!

Asking the Bridal Party: 

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- I asked my Bridesmaids by giving them a Ring Pop and a Raspberry Smirnoff Vodka Shot that said, "Now it's my turn to POP the question... Will you take a SHOT at being my Bridesmaid?

- Since my sister was under 21 I gave her a two pack DVD with Bride Wars and 27 Dresses in it to help prepare for my wedding. I included a paper that said, "Will you be my dress wearing, bouquet holding, mascara checking, champagne soda drinking, photo taking, dance floor dominating Bridesmaid?"

- My husband asked the Groomsmen by Icing them. He wrapped up a Smirnoff Ice with the saying, "I got down on one knee now it's your turn. Will you be my Groomsmen?"


Wedding Party Gifts:

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Bridesmaid's Gifts
- Personalized Martini glass with their name, what they were and the date to use for the toast; a mini bottle of Martini Champagne, a black make up bag, purple nail polish to match their dresses and earrings to wear with their dresses.

-  Personalized Martini glass with their name, what they were and the date to use for the toast; a mini bottle of Martini Champagne and an engraved wooden bottle opener my husband bought from etsy.

Children (Ring Bearer, Petal Patrol and Flower Girl): 
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Groomsmen Gifts
What they were wearing in our wedding ( flower girl - tutu and Ring Bearer/Petal Patrol - tuxedo t-shirts with their duty on back), bubble sticks, and a bunch of candy (fun size chocolate bars, ring pops, star burst and blow pops)

- Personalized Martini glass with their name, what they were and the date; their favorite candies

Mother of the Bride/Groom:
- 3 opening Picture Frame we bought from Hobby Lobby. We put a picture of us with our mom when we were little in the first opening, then we each wrote our mother a letter/poem thanking her for everything she has done in the second opening and we put a post-it note that said "Wedding Picture Here" in the third opening for them to replace it with a picture of them with us.
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Mother of the Bride/Groom Gift

*** Here is a tutorial on how I made the Personalized Martini Glasses for the wedding party.


wedding guest favors, guest favor, wedding favor, wedding favor cupsGuest Wedding Favors:

- For our guest we ordered plastic cups that said "Cheers to the Happy Couple" on them with our names and wedding date. This way we didn't have to waste money on cups that were just going to get thrown away, our guest could use them to get refills and they could keep them for future use at home. We were going to go with purple cups but we had blue and purple Martini's to match our wedding colors so we went with grey cups so they Martini colors would stand out!

Our last name is Martini if you were wondering why we chose Martini glasses, Martini cups and Martini Champagne as gifts for our bridal party. Match your gifts to your wedding color scheme when deciding what to give your bridal party and try to think of things they will like. Hope this helps when coming up with gift ideas for your wedding party!!!
***You can view my blog on how we managed to have a wedding on a $5000 budget here: DIY Wedding under $5000

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