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100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

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We've all been there before walking around the stores trying to find something small to fit in our husband's stocking and we usually result in buying his favorite candy, maybe some deodorant and socks.  I still recommend getting him his favorite candy because he may be disappointed without it but if you are tired of the same old boring stocking stuffers then check out this list for some more  ideas. I've listed over 100 Stoking Stuffer Ideas that came to mind, I know I probably left some out but this should be more than enough to help you fill that special man in your life's Stocking this year!

100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men:

Bath and Body Stocking Stuffers:
- Cologne or Cologne Sample
- Deodorant
- Razor
- Shaving Gel
- Shower Gel
- Lufa
- Travel Kit
- Toothbrush
- Floss
- Comb or Brush
- Chapstick
- Men's Manicure Set or just Nail Clippers
- Skin Care Lotion
- Sun Screen

Clothes and Accessories Stocking Stuffers:
- Boxers
- Socks: Fussy, Regular, Running, Winter, Dress
- Handkerchief
- Knit Hat
- Gloves
- Scarf
- Watch
- Fitbit
- Bowtie
- Tie
- Tie Clip - order personalized ones on etsy if you want it to be more meaningful
- Cufflinks - order personalized ones on etsy if you want it to be more meaningful
- Suspenders
- Wallet
- Money Clip
- Sunglasses
- Shoe Polish
- Shoe Laces
- Paracord Bracelet, Necklace or Keychain

Food and Drink Stocking Stuffers:
- His favorite Candy - no brainer
- His favorite Gum
- Mini bag of Chips
- Individual Wrapped Cookies
- Mini sauce: tabasco, hot sauce, A1, buffalo sauce, etc...
- Water Flavorings: liquid or packets
- Hot Chocolate
- Cigar
- Mini Liquor Bottles
- Bottle Opener
- Flask or Personalized Flask
- Shot Glass
- Koozie
- Coasters
- Personalized Tumbler or Sports Team Tumbler - some may be too big to fit in a stocking
     *check out my blog on how to make your own Personalized Tumbler
- Knife Sharpener

Hobby Related Stocking Stuffers:
- Fishing Gear - lures, bobbers and hooks are all small enough to fit in a stocking
- Golf Ball and Golf Tee
- Baseball
- Tennis Ball
- Ping Pong Balls - for Ping Pong or Beer Pong
- Guitar Picks
- Mini LED Flashlight
- Safety Glasses
- Work Gloves
- Magnetic Work Wristband - helps hold nails and screws
- Pocket Knife
- 12 in 1 Multi Tool Set
- Drill Bits
- Saw Blades
- Tape Measure
- Screw drivers - they make mini ones 
- Tire Pressure Gage
- Bungy Cords
- Clamps
- Duct Tape - it can fix everything
- WD-40
- Zippo Lighter
- Binoculars
- Ammo
- Ear Plugs
- Hand and Foot Warmers
- Poncho
- Man Apron
- Grill Tools Set
- Grill Glove
- Kabob Skewers

Homemade Stocking Stuffers:
- Coupon Book
- Food Passport
- Ornament
- Love Poem
- Reasons Why I Love You list
- Picture Coasters
- A-Z Date Book, a planned date, or date ideas

Misc. Stocking Stuffers:
- Lottery Tickets
- Movie Tickets - you can pre order them online
Concert Tickets
- Sporting Event Tickets
- Gift Cards to his favorite store or restaurant
- CD
- Video Game - most video games will fit in a stocking 
- Smaller Book
- Book Light
- Bookmark
- USB Drive
- Portable Charger
- Car Adapter
- Car Air Freshener
- Car Decal
- Car Snow Scraper
- Headphones or Earbuds
- Phone Case
- Keychain
- Compass
- Batteries
- Deck of Cards
- Uno
- Phase 10
- Dice
- Rubix Cube - they sell themed rubix cubes
- Fancy Pen with a Notepad
- Ornament of his favorite character - Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, or one with a picture of you two in it

XXX  Stocking Stuffers:
- Condoms
- Lube
- Sexy Picture of you in a Santa hat
- Sexy Underwear hinting at what he may be getting later
- Sex Games: Bedroom Dice, Truth or Dare, etc...
- Handcuffs
- Chocolate Syrup
- Edible Body Paint Pens

I hope you enjoyed this list and that I was able to help you fill that special man in your life's stocking this year. I'll update the list if I think of more, feel free to comment more ideas you may have since I know I left some out! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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