Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rose Petal Keepsake Christmas Ornament

When I was eight months pregnant with my daughter my Great Grandmother who we called Grammie passed away and went to be with the lord. We were all so excited when we found out I was having a girl because we would of had five generations of females, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. At the funeral, I was given a single pink rose for my daughter with a ribbon around it that said "Great Great Grammie". As everybody knows, roses begin to wilt and eventually die. I kept trying to think of a way to preserve the rose so that my unborn daughter could still get to have this precious keepsake besides the ribbon just being stored in her baby book. Since it was almost Christmas, I came up with making an ornament. I bought some ribbon and clear plastic ornaments from Michael's and got to crafting.

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My husband and I gently pealed the rose petals off of the three roses we had from the funeral and placed them into the plastic ornaments until they were about ¾ of the way full. I then used some black Puffy paint to personalize the ornaments by writing "Grammie 1921-2013" on them. As the puffy paint was drying we made two bows out of the ribbon we bought and attached the bows to the ornaments using a hot glue gun. We attached the ribbon we had that said "Great Great Grammie" on it to our ornament and saved it for my daughter. The other two we made and given as gifts for my mom and my grandmother so they could have a special keepsake to remember their mother/grandmother by. Every Christmas this special rose petal keepsake ornament will hang on our Christmas trees and we will be reminded of what a great and wonderful women Grammie was and know that she is now in a better place watching over all of us!

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This craft is super easy to make and doesn't cost a lot either. It is a great way to preserve flowers from any occasion whether it's a wedding, funeral or maybe an anniversary. You can personalize it however you want using puffy paint or paint pens, or just leave it blank and every year as you hang your rose petal keepsake ornament on your Christmas tree you will be reminded of that special person or moment that the flowers are from. I hope you enjoy this craft!

Below is another Rose Petal Keepsake Ornament I recently made for my son in honor of my Grandfather, his Great Grandfather, who we knew as Pop-Pop. Pop Pop passed away the night before I gave birth to my son. My son was born with and still has blue eyes that he got from my Grandfather because neither my husband or I have blue eyes, its crazy how thing happen. At the funeral they had a red rose with a ribbon on it that said "Great Pop Pop" on it. I filled the ornament with the rose after it had wilted and hot glued the "Great Pop Pop" bow onto it. I then wrote on it with a paint pen in one of his favorite colors. This Christmas I will hang both my keepsake ornaments on our Christmas tree in honor of the loved ones that we have lost and as a reminder of what great people they were.

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