Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Personalized Lap Tray for Kids

My daughter is only two but she is at the age where she loves to color, granted most of her coloring consist of scribbles, but hey at least she is having fun and thinks she is doing an awesome job. I decided I wanted to make a Personalized Lap Tray for her to color on or eat snacks on while watching her cartoons. This craft was fairly easy to do, it would of been easier if the paint pens worked better, and it's cheap, that is if you already have paint pens. If not paint pens cost $8+ for a pack or $3+ individually. It all depends on what brand you buy.
Personalized Lap Tray for Kids, lap tray, personalized lap tray, kid's lap tray, art tray, kid's art tray, lap desk, art desk, DIY, gift, gift for kid, coloring tray, toddler trayPersonalized Lap Tray for Kids, lap tray, personalized lap tray, kid's lap tray, art tray, kid's art tray, lap desk, art desk, DIY, gift, gift for kid, coloring tray, toddler tray

The Lap Tray is a great gift for children because it is very versatile. It can be used as a drawing desk, an art tray, a snack tray while watching movies or breakfast in bed. You can set your computer on it so your lap doesn't get warm or use it to put puzzles together on. You can also bring it with you on road trips for your children to use in the car for a less messy snack/lunch time, do their homework on or other activities such as drawing, go fish, or cards to keep them busy while in the car.


  • Oil Based Paint Pens - I used Painters Paint Pens by Elmers. I had to go over it several times because it didn't stick to the plastic very well and looked as if it was evaporating so make sure you buy oil based paint pens instead. 
  • Lap Tray- Both Micheals and Hobby Lobby should have them. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. It was around $4.44 with the 40% coupon. 
  • Mod Podge - Optional 

How To:

1. Pick out a design and name for your lap tray. I recommend sketching it out before hand so you know exactly what and where you are drawing at on your lap tray. 

2. Wipe off your lap tray so you have a clean surface to draw on. 

3. Personalize your lap tray with the paint pens and let dry.

4. Optional - Once the lap tray has dried, cover it with Mod Podge and let dry. The Mod Podge helps lock in your drawing so the paint won't scratch off as easy.

Add a coloring book or two, some crayons, markers, paper and scissors depending on what age your child is and give it as a Christmas or Birthday gift. You can even make it look more decorative and gift like by filling in the spaces with tissue paper if you want.

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I plan on making my son a Personalized Lap Tray when he gets a little bigger so that both my children can have one. As long as you get the same brand lap tray you can stack them on top of each other for easy storage. Be careful not to let your child climb or sit on the lap tray though because they can break. My daughter already used it as a stepping stool to get on the couch and then jumped off onto it and cracked the corner, then she scribbled all over it with a blue crayon so her lap tray has already had a ton of love. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Feel free to post pictures of your personalized lap trays in the comments to give mom's more inspiration and design ideas!

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