Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sea Shell Monogramed Letter

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This Sea Shell Monogramed M was a Christmas gift from my husband back in 2014. Since we've moved into our house I have talked about making an "M" wall being that "M" is our last initial. I really wanted one but was unsure if the letter "M" scattered all over our wall would look right. My husband made and surprised me with the Sea Shell M as a way of telling me it was okay to start collecting M's. The Sea Shell M is not only a cool decoration but it is meaningful being that those are some of the sea shells we collected on our honeymoon!

To make a Sea Shell Monogramed Letter you will need:

  • Wood Letter - he used a black "M" but you can use any color you want
  • Sea Shells
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Once you have your supplies, start hot glueing the sea shells all over your letter. You can make a pattern or glue them on randomly. Make sure to use a lot of glue because some sea shells are heavy and will fall off if they are not secured. Once you are satisfied with how your Sea Shell Letter looks, hang it up on your wall or add it to your Monogramed Wall! This is an easy and fun activity for you and your kids to do. It is a also a great way to display some of the sea shells your family has collected on all those vacations to the beach as well!

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Our Monogramed "M" Wall so far! 

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