Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Congratulations, you just got engaged... now what?  Planning a wedding is a fun experience but it can also be very overwhelming, especially when everybody has an opinion on something. Every couple is unique in their own way and will want different things for their special day. Your wedding day only comes around once in a lifetime so make sure to choose what makes you and your soon to be spouse happy, after all, it is your day! 

I know there are several wedding checklist out there but when I was planning my wedding I couldn't find one that included everything so I put together what I would like to call The Ultimate Wedding Checklist. I'm sure I may have missed a few things after all, there is a lot of planning involved for a wedding, but overall, this checklist covers pretty much everything besides setting a budget and starting an inspiration board on Pinterest... if you think of something I left out, feel free to leave a comment and I will update the list!

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I originally typed everything in a word document with cute little boxes for you to check off and I believe I linked the PDF below but if it doesn't work, feel free to copy the checklist into a word document and print it out OR print it straight from my blog by going to FILE then select PRINT. If you print straight form my blog, make sure you only have The Ultimate Wedding Checklist open and aren't viewing it on my home page or it will print other blogs. I believe the checklist is 10 pages once printed.

Click to Print The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist 

Mr. & Mrs. ____________m 
    Wedding Date:                                                             Wedding Time:
The Bridal Party

  Maid of Honor:                                                                Best Man:
  Bridesmaid:                                                                     Groomsman:
  Bridesmaid:                                                                     Groomsman:
  Bridesmaid:                                                                     Groomsman:
  Bridesmaid:                                                                     Groomsman:

  Flower Girl:                                                                     Ring Bearer:
  Program Person:

Book Venues & Vendors
   __ Clergy:
   __ Wedding Planner/Coordinator:
   __ Ceremony Venue/Church:
   __ Rehearsal Venue/Church:
   __ Rehearsal Dinner Location:
   __ Reception Venue:
   __ Photographer:
   __ Videographer:
   __ Cake:
   __ Caterer:
   __ Florist:
   __ Entertainment:
          DJ/Band:                                    Photobooth:                                      Other:
   __ Transportation (limo, party bus):
   __ Wedding Night Hotel:
   __ Honeymoon:

Bridal Party Apparel:
      __ Wedding Gown
      __ Veil or Headpiece (tiara, flower, etc…)
      __ Shoes
      __ Jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelets, etc…)
      __ Hair
      __ Nails (manicure, pedicure)
      __ Make-Up (professional or DIY)
      __ Gown Undergarments (lingerie, corset, spanks, etc…)
      __ Garter & Toss Garter
      __ Gown Alterations
      __ Gown Preservation
      __ Rehearsal Dinner Outfit
      __ Send Off Outfit
      __ Lingerie

       __ Bridesmaid Dresses
       __ Shoes
       __ Jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelets, etc…)
       __ Hair
       __ Nails
       __ Make-Up (professional or DIY)

  Groom & Groomsmen:
       __ Groom’s Tux
      __ Groomsmen’s Tux
      __ Shoes
      __ Tie or Bow Tie
      __ Vest or Suspenders
      __ Pocket Square
      __ Groom Going Away Outfit

  Flower Girl:

       __ Dress
       __ Shoes
       __ Hair
       __ Hair Accessory (tiara, flower, bow, ribbon, etc…)
       __ Flower Basket
       __ Flower Petals

  Ring Bearer:

           __ Outfit
       __ Shoes
       __ Ring Pillow

Ushers, Program Person, Parents of the Bride and Groom, Wedding Coordinator & Wedding Clergy - You can suggest a specific color scheme for them to wear so they match the bridal party


       __ Engagement Ring
      __ Bride’s Wedding Band
      __ Groom’s Wedding Band
      __ Engraving
      __ Soldering Engagement & Wedding Ring

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner:

      __ Rehearsal Date & Time:
      __ Rehearsal Location
      __ Rehearsal Dinner Location
      __ Table & Chairs
      __ Table Cloths
      __ Plates
      __ Utensils
      __ Napkins
      __ Table Decorations
      __ Food & Beverages - Caterer, Restaurant or DIY
   __  Dinner Plan – sides, main coarse
   __  Desserts
   __  Beverages
   __  Champagne for Toast
      __ Sound System for Music
      __ White Dress for Bride
      __ Bring Bridal Party Gifts
      __ Other:


       __ Ceremony Venue/Church Location:
      __ Ceremony Venue/Church Location Deposit
      __ Ceremony Venue/Church Location Fee
      __ Ceremony Time:
      __ Clergy
      __ Unity (sand, candles, paint, plant, braid, etc…)
      __ Unity Table & Table Cloth
      __ Alter
      __ Alter Decorations
      __ Chairs/Pews
      __ Chair/Pew Decorations
      __ Aisle Decorations
      __ Aisle Runner
      __ Wedding Programs
      __ Program Table & Decorations
      __ Guest Book & Pen/Marker
      __ Program Person/Greeter
      __ Ushers
      __ Microphone: Clergy, Bride & Groom vows
      __ Ceremony Song Playlist (see music below)
      __ Sound System or Live Music
      __ Other:


       __ Reception Venue Location:
      __ Reception Venue Location Deposit
      __ Reception Venue Location Fee
      __ Reception Times:
   __  Cocktail Hour/Appetizers Time:
   __  Dinner Time:
   __  Send Off Time:
      __ Parking
      __ Seating Chart
      __ Table Numbers
      __ Tables & Chairs
      __ Table Cloths
      __ Chair Decorations
      __ Centerpieces
      __ Table Runner
      __ Gift Table & Decorations
      __ Wedding Card Box
      __ Cake Table
      __ Food Tables
      __ Food & Beverages:
   __  Caterer or DIY
   __  Bartender or Self Serve (beer cans, keg, dispensers)
      __ Food List:
   __  Appetizers
   __  Sides
   __  Main Dish
   __  Dinner Rolls
   __  Vegetarian Alternative – Salad
   __  Dessert or Candy Table
   __  Plates
   __  Utensils
   __  Napkins
      __ Beverages:
   __   Beverages: Water, Tea, Lemonade, Soda, Punch
   __   Alcohol: Beer, Wine, Champagne, Mixed Drinks, Open Bar, Cash Bar
   __   Beverage Dispenser
   __   Coolers or Tubs
   __   Ice
   __   Cups/Glassware
   __   Bartender
   __   Bar
   __   Bride & Groom Toasting Glasses
   __   Toasting Beverage: Champagne, Wine, Sparkling Grape Juice
   __   Toast given by: 
      __ Cake:
   __   Wedding Cake
   __   Groom’s Cake
   __   Cake Topper
   __   Cake Decorations 
   __   Cake Knife
   __   Cake Plates
   __   Forks
   __   Cake Servers & Cutters:
   __   Cake Baker:
      __ Entertainment:
   __  Dance Floor
   __  Lights – dim the lights, strobe lights, disco lights, etc…
   __  DJ, Live Band or DIY DJ 
   __  Photo Booth
   __  Video Booth
   __  Slideshow
   __  Bonfire
   __  Date Jar or Advice Jar
   __  Games - Jumbo Jenga, Corn Hole, Shoe Game, Photo Scavenger Hunt, etc...
      __ Special Moments Song Playlist (see music below)
      __ Send Off Item – sparklers, bird seed, rose petals, bubbles, glow sticks
      __ Clean Up Team or Pay to Clean Up
      __ Other:

Decide if you want Real or Artificial Flowers
      __ Florist:
      __ Bride’s Bouquet
      __ Bridesmaids Bouquet
      __ Boutonnieres – Groom, Groomsmen, Clergy, Fathers
      __ Corsage or Brooch for Mother’s and/or Grandmothers
      __ Ceremony
   __ Aisle Decoration
   __ Alter Decoration
   __ Flower Girl Petals
      __ Reception
   __ Centerpieces
   __ Throw Bouquet
      __ Other: 

Photos & Video
You will want photos/video of Bride & Groom getting ready, the Ceremony & Reception

      __ Engagement Photos
      __ Wedding Photographer:
      __ Wedding Videographer:
      __ Photographer Photo List
      __ Photobook, Photo Album and/or Pictures set up
      __ Slideshow of Bride & Groom
      __ Other:

Music usually plays before the ceremony, during cocktail hour, dinner & dancing. 
Also the ceremony & special moments have specific songs picked out by the Bride & Groom.

      __ Type of Music
   __   DJ or Live Band or 
   __   DIY DJ:
   __  Speaker System 
   __  Microphone
   __  I-pod/Computer
   __  Music/Organized Playlists  
   __  Back-up Playlist
   __  Person to Announce/Monitor System
      __ Bridal Party Name List to Announce
      __ Ceremony/Special Moment Song List:
   __   Prelude Songs
   __   Bridal Party Entrance Song
   __   Bride Entrance Song
   __   Unity Song
   __   Exit Song
   __   Wedding Party Entrance Song
   __   First Dance Song
   __   Father-Daughter Dance Song
   __   Mother-Son Dance Song
   __   Cake Cutting Song
   __   Bouquet Toss Song
   __   Garter Toss Song
   __   Send Off Song
   __   Other:
      __ Other:

Gifts & Favors:

       __ Asking Bridesmaid Gift
      __ Asking Groomsmen Gift
      __ Bridal Party Gifts
   __  Bridesmaids
   __  Groomsmen
   __  Flower Girl
   __  Ring Bearer
   __  Ushers
      __ Groom’s Gift from Bride
      __ Bride’s Gift from Groom
      __ Parent’s of the Bride Gift
      __ Parent’s of the Groom Gift
      __ Guest Favors
      __ Other:


       __ Create Guest List
      __ Save the Dates
      __ Wedding Invitations
   __   RSVP Cards
   __   RSVP Envelope & Postage 
   __   Hotel Accommodations/Registry Information/Map & Directions Card
      __ Envelopes
      __ Postage
      __ Address Labels
      __ Return Address Labels or Calligraphy Stamp
      __ Newspaper Announcement
      __ Wedding Programs
      __ Seating Chart
      __ Seating Numbers
      __ Thank You Cards
      __ Party Invitations:
   __   Engagement Party Invitation
   __   Bachelor Party Invitation
   __   Bachelorette Party Invitation
   __   Bridal Shower Invitation
   __   Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
      __ Other:


       __ Marriage License (valid for 60 days)
      __ Create Wedding Registry
      __ Wedding Website
      __ Engagement Party
       __ Bridal Shower
       __ Bachelorette Party Date:
      __ Bachelor Party Date:
      __ Hotel Accommodations for Guest
      __ Transportation – for guest to hotel or limo for bridal party
      __ Night of Hotel for Bride & Groom
      __ Book Honeymoon
   __   Location
   __   Transportation
      __ Other:


       __ Turn in Marriage License (valid for 60 days)
      __ Return Groom’s Tux
      __ Clean/Preserve Gown
      __ Preserve Bouquet
      __ Send Thank You Cards
      __ Change Name:
   __   Social Security Card
   __   Driver’s License
   __   Insurance – car & health
   __   Bills
   __   Social Media
   __   Other:
      __ Other:

NOTE: This is just a guideline to help with your wedding. Every wedding is unique and every couple will want different things to better suit them. Check off what you have completed, mark through what you are not interested in and fill in the names of business you decide on and your bridal party. Congratulations and Best of Luck as you begin this new journey together as Mr. & Mrs.!

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